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Our company provides protective cages to secure your AC units, pool equipment and heaters; all of these contain copper. Don't leave your valuable assets vulnerable to theft. AC Asset Protection (AAP) is a local company designed to keep your property safe. Whether you are protecting your home or real estate investment, securing your HVAC, roof unit, or your expensive pool equipment, AAP has the cages you need.

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In 2011, Copper prices reached a historical high. Copper theft is a heinous problem in the United States in foreclosed as well as occupied homes. The copper in your AC unit or pool equipment can be removed in 1 to 5 minutes, leaving your unit destroyed. Criminals steal the copper to sell to junkyards for $50 to $100 while leaving you with thousands of dollars in damages.

Permanent Cage Install $385
120-Day Cage Rental Installation and removal for only $250
Custom Built Package Unit Cages Las Vegas Valley, Henderson, Pahrump, Mesquite
Bank Owned Properties Set pricing available. info@lvaccage.com

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